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What you didn't know...

Here at The Dancing House, our goal is to make your weekly dance class the "Highlight of Your Week."  We specialize in students ages 2-10years so it's super important that dance is "fun."  But please know, just because it's fun, doesn't mean we aren't learning.

If you observe any of our classes, you'll notice that we use props at some point within the class period.  There are so many reasons for this. 

Using props is a great way to entice a child to play and get involved in the class.  Especially if they are younger or a little intimidated by the studio setting. Whether a hoola hoop, or parachute, rhythm sticks or ribbons, students are improving their health by increasing strength, improving flexibility, decreasing muscle tension, and boosting coordination.

There're also emotional benefits of lifting mood, ease anxiety, and releasing endorphins. You'll notice right away how students faces brighten when props are being brought out.  It's also a time for students to connect with each other by helping and sharing.  

Using props in creative ways can also help the dancer focus on body awareness. By asking the dancers to move the prop in a certain way, they are more intentional on making that action happen versus focusing on their body.  Which often helps get a better result.  For example, if I ask a student to stand on one leg and put their toe at their knee (passé) they may fall over after a few seconds.  But if I put a book on their knee while in passé, they usually are able to hold the position longer. 

By adding a simple prop of the book, students are:

#1. having more fun

#2. Remembering the position and terminology better

#3. Students are getting stronger by holding the position longer and 

#4. Their confidence grows because they now have proven to themselves that they can do it!

Watch the videos below to see how students use their arms more while holding the ribbons therefor getting a higher jump. 


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