5️⃣ Benefits of Dance for Kiddos 💃🏻


Spring is HERE!!!

And it's a busy time of year at The Dancing House!

Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of signing your child up for dance?? Here are just a few...

  • Physical Fitness & Coordination
    • Signing Your Child up for a Dance Class Is Signing Them up for an Opportunity to Exercise Their Whole Body–Arms, Legs, Lungs, Heart and Mind.
  • Social Awareness and Collaboration 
    • Dance is neither a team nor individual sport—in some ways, it’s both. A dance class provides you…

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What's happening at The Dancing House...

The Dancing Hosue logo

Spring is well on it's way!

And there's a lot going on at The Dancing House! 

We're enjoying our Spring Break March 14-20th and hope you are too! If you're in a fun location please take a picture of you dancing and tag The Dancing House on social #2021springbreak and we'll shout you out! 

Please read the latest while lounging by the pool, on the beach or hanging out with your friends and family! 

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