Why the Floor Matters💃🏻

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Why does the floor matter?

There is nothing that that gets me more fired up as when I see dancers practice on concrete, asphalt or even grass.  Especially if they are jumping, leaping & turning. 

Even if the dancers are younger, growing bodies with soft bones are even more vulnerable to injury than adults or older students. It is important to reduce the impact on the body to prevent injury. This is done with a floating wood sub-floor.

There is some confusion regarding exactly what is a sprung…

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Why I don't Pay 💵 for Dance Lessons


Why I Never Pay for Dance Classes.

As a dancer myself, a mama of a dancer, and teacher of many little dancers, this article always brings a tear to my eye. 

The art and discipline of dance has taught me so much of life.  It's beauty, it's hardships, it's growth, it's process and it's persistence.  Staying the course when it gets hard or feels impossible only to one day finally get it as if it was no sweat or tears in the making. 

Many of my life long friends are all part of the dance communit…

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