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When we opened our "Big Studio Doors," in January of 2020, the goal was to have a group of dancers who could take their dancing to the next level, with more difficult choreography and movement concepts.

Since we specialize in beginner students of all ages at TDH, we knew we needed to wait a few years to develop some of our current dancers. Well, the time has come to launch the our next program at The Dancing House and we couldn't be more excited! 

Introducing the first cast of The Da…

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🥇And the Winners Are...

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Our Summer Flex Pass was a hit with students.  Attendance was at an all time high for the summer as students dove into learning new steps, leaps and turns to improve their technique. 

We had a blast tracking who showed up to class as it encouraged and held each other accountable. 

This summer we had many students who attended over 20 classes in our nine week session... but the winners blew that number out of the water!

In 1st place with an attendance of 58 classes in 9 weeks and the winner of…

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💗 Healthy in the Valley🙌🏻

(PDF) Healthy in the Valley - 2nd Edition

The Area's Best Wellness Providers & Resources in the St. Croix Valley All in One Place!

Are you a family that is health and wellness minded - in all areas?  Mind, body AND soul? 

I'm most confident you are, because that's who The Dancing House attracts.  

And that's why I'm super excited about the latest opportunity to serve you and the greater community. 

Healthy in the Valley - An Exclusive Group of Business Owners Who Empower their Community through Health and Wellness in Mind, Body and …

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5 Reasons Everyone Needs to Dance


Congrats to Kelsey John! 

A huge thank you to our recital sponsors: Autumn Enloe, Leadership Martial Arts, Croixview Family Chiropractic & Healthy in the Valley. 

We love dancing! 

In fact we believe it should be "The Highlight of your Week!"

Our next session starts February 21st and if you didn't already love to dance, or want to dance, or need to dance, here are 5 reasons why everyone should crank up the music!  

Watch this short video where I share 5 reasons Dancing is so awesome!


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And The Winner Is...


What a GREAT weekend of Recitals!

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Congrats to our Raffle Winners!

Hattie Geher, Jordyn Gilbert & John Stelling.  


  • REGISTER NOW FOR NEXT SESSION November 1-December 18...Click here to view our Nov 1 session
  • We are hiring for January teachers...would you like to be part of an amazing team??
  • Check out the events happening at TDH...Wednesday Wiggles, Swing class
  • Interested in sponsoring one of our events...see what we …

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TDh is #13!


Let's Get This Party Started!

Welcome to The Dancing House where we're giddy to celebrate our 13th season.  What!? We're teenagers!  And just like a teenager, we're going through some changes.  But before we launch into the fun changes, let's take a moment to reflect.

In 2008, three weeks after baby #3 was born Miss Melissa started her own dance studio, The Dancing House in her 800 square foot basement. Maia&Me

The studio grew through amazing word of mouth and at it's peak, 120 students were coming …

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What you didn't know🤷🏼‍♀️

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What you didn't know...

Here at The Dancing House, our goal is to make your weekly dance class the "Highlight of Your Week."  We specialize in students ages 2-10years so it's super important that dance is "fun."  But please know, just because it's fun, doesn't mean we aren't learning.

If you observe any of our classes, you'll notice that we use props at some point within the class period.  There are so many reasons for this. 

Using props is a great way to entice a child to play and get involv…

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💗Addie's Story💗


As a dance educator for over 25 years, I have seen first hand how the arts are essential for children's development. 

In a previous blog I shared 5 Benefits of Dance for children. 

But today I want to share a personal testimony.

This is about a student that came to me at 2yrs. old.  When Addie started dance, she didn't speak. To see her growth over the couple years has been beautiful.

Watch Addie's Story Here.

  This is why the arts are ESSENTIAL.  Here is a copy of …

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Why I don't Pay 💵 for Dance Lessons


Why I Never Pay for Dance Classes.

As a dancer myself, a mama of a dancer, and teacher of many little dancers, this article always brings a tear to my eye. 

The art and discipline of dance has taught me so much of life.  It's beauty, it's hardships, it's growth, it's process and it's persistence.  Staying the course when it gets hard or feels impossible only to one day finally get it as if it was no sweat or tears in the making. 

Many of my life long friends are all part of the dance communit…

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