Heels with Bre


Fierce. Empowering. Strong. Beautiful. 

September 23 @ 7pm and/or October 21st @ 7pm
Taught by Bre Poliak _Bre Poliak

❓What is a "Heels" class??
This class is geared towards beginner dancers. It will be super fun, super sassy, fierce and empowering ... think Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez ... think attitude and hair flips!

❓Do I have to be experienced and/or have a dance background? NOPE!

❓Do I have to wear heels? NOPE!

❓Will I be able to video myself? YES!

❓Do I have to come warmed-up? NOPE!

❓What should I wear? You can wear anything you're comfortable in - from sweatpants to fishnets - we welcome you to bring your individual style!

❓Do I have to wear a mask? It's your choice - we want our dancers to feel safe and comfortable.
8-26 Heels Up! (MB)
5_6 Heels Up! (MB) (1)
💃🏻 Taught by the Amazing Bre Poliak
📷Sponsored by Boudoir by Rachel Y Gaetz
BelleAmiss Photography
🎫Tickets are $15
⭐Space is limited!
⭐Monthly pass members get in FREE!
❓Questions please email: hello@thedancinghouse.com

This class is brought to you by BelleAmiss Photography!

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