WOW... What a Great Weekend!

Just a small snippet of the huge gathering of people who came to support their favorite dancer! WOW! So thankful that the rain held off and we were able to have a special morning of dance! Thank you again to my amazing families who support, encourage and refer me. You and your kiddos make The Dancing House such a special place! Summer Classes and Camps! YIKES! Summer Break starts in 2 sleeps! Get the latest info. HERE! Making GREAT Memories is what it's about... A Fun Customer Appreciate Event! If you've ever hinted at wanting to come to Boogie Fit... this is your event! Come for the fitness, stay for the laughs! This class is not only a spectacular workout, but a great night out with so

10, 9, 8, 7...

The Countdown is HERE! Recital is THIS month and we are in the final two weeks! Remember: Recital is May 19 at 10a. Rain date is Sunday, May 20 at 1p. in Heritage Greens FRIENDSKEEP PARK. People start coming to the recital about 9:30a to get a great seat... so plan accordingly. Make sure Grandpa knows where he's going :) Parking is a bit of an issue, as we can only park on one side of the street. So please be mindful of parking signs, and drive slowly. This week in classes we will meet at The Dancing House and walk down to our stage to practice. This is a fun time, as there are MANY distractions for the kiddos... much like the day of the recital. So it's perfect! IF the weather is bad

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