Um, Someone is 1 Year Older!

As I look at these "babies" I am reminded how far The Dancing House as come. I just realized this past week that I am going into my 10th Season! 10th! TEN! O! M! G! That's so exciting, humbling, amazing, and really?! Ten? for real?? .... wow Thank you! This is because of you, my amazing families. You have all been so encouraging and supportive of me throughout the years. I am constantly referred by you, and I am so grateful. So Cheers! So! It's gonna get a little Silly around here! Another round of summer camps get underway tomorrow! There is still a couple spots available in the following camps. Miss Melissa's Classic Dance Camp: Tomorrow July 30-Aug. 3rd 9-12:30a Ages 6-10yr

The Dog Days of Summer

It's HOT outside! and it's awesome! I'm sure you all are cherishing these longer days as much as I am. Today I spent a few hours in my favorite place... my garden :) Quiet... Peace and quiet, in my "get away from the chaos of work and kids" to make my soul happy. Even if it's working up a good sweat while weeding, picking up broken branches and envisioning what changes I'm dreaming to make for next years garden. I love it. We all need time to rest, and rejuvenate... and my garden is my happy place that I go to daily. What's yours? Speaking of finding some peace... join us for yoga. Start your day off with some deep breathing, stretching & calmness. Yoga classes offered in Summer:

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