Whew... Our First Full Week is Done!

I'm thinking there were some tired kiddos this past week. Am I right? The anticipation, excitement and adrenaline had to eventually come crashing down... and I was no different. By Friday afternoon, I was a hot mess. Sore, tired, and more sore. I left it all on the dance floor... and so did those kiddos. Listening, following directions, making new friends, and being brave riding the bus and navigating the lunch room and coming to dance class for the first time. As the weeks go by, I know that we all will all adjust to the new schedule. But as a mama, if there is an afternoon, or evening where dance is "just too much," please take the night off. You can make up your dance time at ANY TI

We're Finally Here!

Tomorrow we start school! You did it Hudson Families! It was a long, memorable summer... and these last few days have been gorgeous in Hudson, WI. But you can tell fall is in the air. My morning walks are a bit cooler and sleeping with the windows open is just a bit cozier. My favorite time of year for sure. New beginnings, new experiences, new memories to be made. Let the dance season commence! September's Student of the Month! Every month, TDH highlights one student that shines their light bright! Avery Nelson is a summer student of mine who took lessons privately. Her amazing mama contacted me in early July to see if TDH could teach Avery how to dance. We danced every week and thi

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