It's Gettin' Real.

Not sure about you... but I woke up this morning and went. Meh. January. Ugh. SO so cold. But as a teacher, this time of year is Golden Sunny! The schedule is un-interrupted and we can really work and set high goals to hit. These past couple weeks we started our recital dances and Miss Melissa will be ordering costumes this month. So much growth will happen in the next few months, and that's what gets me so excited! **I need to tell you all that take class live with me, I am most impressed this year at everyones commitment to class. I know you have a lot to juggle, and I appreciate your dedication to keeping dance class a priority. Thank you! Speaking of a lot happening, summer will b

Let's Get this Party Started...

Or are you partied out? Ready for routine? Thankful for leggings? (You're my people. and ps. I LOVE THIS SHOW!) And we're back! At TDH this is the time of year where we start our recital dances, order costumes, and get really dialed in. You know... cuz the first part of the year we totally slacked off. Not. But I am excited to head into this second semester with all the foundations that we have covered and take it to a new level with learning new dances and choreography. It really is a fun time. Students will be hearing their recital music this week and we will be taking costume measurements in the next few weeks. If you are NOT wanting to participate in our recital, please LMK.

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