June is Busting Out All Over!

If you know those lyrics you're my people. The flowers are blooming, the kids are home and we are juggling all the balls in the air, AND summer dance camps and classes started at The Dancing House! What a full week of teaching, learning, having fun and making memories. Hoping your first official week of summer was executed with grace and maybe a bit more coffee. At the studio we just finished off our first week of dance camp! Eleven girls ages 3-5yrs. participated in Unicorn and Rainbow camp. We danced, laughed, told stories, drew pictures, made necklaces, tumbled, worked together, shared and had a great time. Next up? Mary Poppins camp! Ages 3-5yr. This week from June 24-June 28th.

It's My Favorite Night of the Year!

OK... maybe a bit dramatic, but it's all about drama tonight! The TONY Awards are on at 7pm on CBS! James Cordon is hosting and he always does an amazing job. If you love singing, dancing, and watching great performances, make sure you tune in! They always show off the best of the best. As a kid, I would watch this with my jaw hanging open! Who am I kidding, I still do. (And I have kleenex near by too.) And because I know my dancers... they will love it! So if you can, tune in at 7pm. I'll be crying happy tears as I watch my friend James Moye who is in TOOTSIE, and Vasthy Mompoint who is in PROM perform! So super excited for them! If you happen to miss it, I'll be sure to highlight

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