"It's All About the Journey..."

Many of you have been making summer memories. Traveling, boating, camping, hiking, picnic-ing, playing, splashing and enjoying summer. I hope you have some great ones! Learning is also part of summer. This weekend was a big one for me. I went to a dance teacher conference in Atlantic City and was surrounded by dance educators from all over the country. Learning from some of the best in the industry and being inspired by such goodness made this mama, dance teacher, business owner a puddle most of the time. All in good ways. Thank you for being part of The Dancing House. Because of you, I was able to go to learn, grow and level up. I am so excited to bring back what I have learned inside

Bring on the Fireworks!

Happy July! What a great holiday weekend. Full on HOT and STICKY but oh so fun with family and friends hanging out and making memories. It was fun seeing so many pics of you all enjoying the weekend. With Holiday weekend is behind us and we are back into summer schedule. Whatever that means right? Not sure about you, but at our house every week is different, which makes juggling a little more challenging. But we adjust and go with the flow...and enjoy this amazing summer weather. Because of the Holiday weekend AND because my computer was in the shop, I wasn't able to create the blog on time. I did a Facebook live, but if you're like me, sometimes reading the updates is quicker. So her

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