It's the Final Countdown!

This is the last Newsletter before the 2019-2020 Season will start! WOW... I'm sitting on my porch enjoying this gorgeous late summer weather thinking about all the families that will be coming through the doors this next season. So excited! And even more thankful. As you know, we have a lot of new and exciting things happening around here. So if you are new, I highly encourage you to come to the Open House next Saturday. It will be at The House location (73 Tribute Ave.) It's a great time for students to meet the teachers, and get a feel of the studio before classes start. We will have shoes to try on and borrow and cake! Why? Because this year marks 10 years for The Dancing Hous

The Mother of Announcements!

Incase you missed the big news on Friday, please watch the video to get the full effect! :) We are so excited to be expanding into a new facility this fall! This has been in the works for over six months! I was just about to give up when this new property came on the market and was nearly ready to go! And now TDH will offer music classes, fitness & dance classes as well as have a boutique with a classy waiting area for families to enjoy. Keep in mind, classes will continue to be out of the home location until further notice, but I'm looking forward to dancing bigger and fuller in a gorgeous new studio this fall. Check the growing list of Classes and Staff Members! Saturday morning classes

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