A Weekend to Remember...

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." --Phil Jackson What a memorable weekend. I'm sitting here, watching the Packer game....(with the sound off, because it's pathetic) and basking in the glow of a weekend I will forever remember. You guys, I always knew I would have a dance studio. Since I was probably five years old I knew I would teach dance. And every empty commercial real estate that I passed on the road growing up and well into my adult life- I envisioned a dance studio. And now I officially have my own beautiful space. But it wasn't without a lot of help behind the scenes. Y'all, I have an amazing team. To have a team of women

Let's Get this Party Started...

How great is this GIF?? It's almost like they planned it years ago!! HaHa! And we're back! At TDH this is the time of year where we start our recital dances, order costumes, and get really dialed in. You know... cuz the first part of the year we totally slacked off. Not. But I am excited to head into this second semester with all the foundations that we have covered and take it to a new level with learning new dances and choreography. It really is a fun time. Students will be hearing their recital music this week and we will be taking costume measurements in the next few weeks. If you are NOT wanting to participate in our recital, please LMK. It's an optional event... but it is p

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