I'm So Excited!!!

1. Costumes have started to come in already! So I'll be handing them out as they come in. Please do not have the students wear costumes around the house. They can do a one time, "show mom and dad twirl, and then it gets hung up and put in a special place until recital time. 2. Summer camps will be announced March 1! Make sure you're watching for a big announcement about a new summer program, it's sure to be a hit!! 3. Recital is May 16 at 10:00am at the Hudson Middle School. Each family will receive two complimentary tickets, children 5 and under are free, all additional tickets will be $10 each. *Tickets will be available for purchase April 1, 2020. DANCE ON DEMAND! Current members, new

It's Gettin' Real.

Apparently January has been a bit dreary. Honestly y'all, I haven't noticed. With the brand new studio opening it's been quite busy around here. But when I saw and FELT the sun this weekend, that's when I noticed the weather has been a bit drab. But as a teacher, this time of year is Golden Sunny! The schedule is un-interrupted and we can really work and set high goals to hit. So much growth will happen in the next few months, and that's what gets me so excited! Speaking of a lot happening, summer will be here, and I know no one is thinking about that right now, but I am. I'm thinking of what camps I'll be offering. And let me tell you, I'm so excited to be offering more camps. Summer

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