Fall Classes Start This Week!!

Fall Classes Start Next Thursday, September 3!! You Heard me right, this week!! There is A LOT going on at The Dancing House, make sure you continue reading to learn about all of the new exciting events and classes that have just been added!! You don't want to miss out! In Today's Issue of the blog... New classes added...here's a hint (Ballroom!!!) Meet a few more of our staff members...Sophia, Tom, and Aubrey A few events to look forward to...Pelvic Floor workshop, Ballroom dance party, and Wednesday Wiggles Fall is right around the corner... Registration for fall 2020/2021 is filling fast, make sure you register TODAY!! Need shoes, tight, or leotards....click here or one of several links t

We're in the Home Stretch

We're in the Home Stretch!!! How can it feel like summer has flown by yet dragged on at the same time?!?! Some of you may look like Mickey (above) trying to get there as fast as you can knowing that there is a sense of normalcy, routine, and rhythm at the finish line that you've been longing for, for months now! Others are wanting to slam on the breaks and hit the pause button, wanting to soak in every last bit of summer we can. No matter where you are at in these crazy times, know that we are all in it together!! At The Dancing House we are gearing up for fall classes, make sure you get registered ASAP to hold your spot!! Also, make sure you continue to read and find the link for ordering s

How can it be August already?!?!

How Can it be August Already?!?! Can I get an AMEN to that!!! This has been a summer like no other! As we head into the final stretch let's find the good and focus on the positive, it's always there! Whether it be in the flowers you pass on your daily walk or the warm sun shining on your face, remember there is good in every day! Enjoy it! At The Dancing House we are gearing up for fall classes but we haven't forgotten about August!! Keep reading to discover our latest summer special!! You don't want to miss out! In Today's Issue of the blog... Save the date...get all of the details for our Open House in Aug Meet our new staff members...Annaleise, Rachel, and Izzi Are your kiddos BORED?!? In

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