You Gotta Check This Out!

Charity of the Month!

You guys, I'm so excited about this one! TDH is teaming up with Thirty-One consultant, Tina Koester, to bring a little love to our Veterans. Tina has fifteen (15) Thirty-One Zipper Pouches to fill. These pouches will hold quite a bit and are given to homeless veterans who go to the VA Hospital. Any additional items that don't fit in the pouches (or duplicates) will be delivered to the VA Hospital without the pouches. TDH will be collecting items to donate: Toothbrushes and toothpaste (can be travel size or full size toothpaste) Mouthwash and floss Deodorant Razors Shaving cream Gum or mints Winter hats and gloves!

Thank you so much for helping with this project!

Miss Melissa, I missed class...

I know life is busy, and sometimes you can't make every class. BUT you paid for your time, so please make up your time by coming to another dance class! Check my website for age appropriate classes, or ask me which class you should take! I LOVE when students make up their dance time... extra practicing and also a time to try a different style of dance!

Need a Date Night?

Or Gift Idea?

My private dance class for couples is perfect! You'll leave your lesson with a fun swing dance sequence to impress your friends the next time you find a dance floor. The hour lesson includes a bottle of wine & a box of chocolates!

Fun & Memorable! only $60

Gift Certificates are available! Lets check this one off your list!

Gifts for Students?

TDH Tank Tops are available in children's sizes XS - L Kids love the athletic fabric. I'm loving the colors!

Only $15! So let me know if I can set one aside for you!

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