So Much to be Thankful For...

I have the best tribe!

You are all so supportive of TDH and each other! I adore my families! Thank you for sharing your students with me, and for sharing great things about TDH through word of mouth, social media posts, and by showing up! I LOVE what I do, and I don't take it for granted. Thank you for allowing me to shine my light through teaching the art of dance! It fills my soul each week when I see my dancers of all ages ... Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Novembers Student of the Month! What a sweetie! Avery Lynch is 6 years old and is enjoying her 2nd year here at The Dancing House. When she's not dancing, she loves to eat carrots and play with her brother! Avery will get a little package from The Dancing House. If you happen to see Avery around, give her a high five!

Our November Charity for Veterans is filling up my shelf! Thank you to all who have brought travel sized hygiene items. I'm thrilled that together we are able to impact our community this way! Keep them coming!

As the Holidays approach, it gets busier & busier. It's true! You're not going to find "more time," but if your health is a priority, you'll make SOME time. So what if I could help you find that little time a bit easier?

*Save time on driving to the gym *or picking out that "gym appropriate outfit" (seriously..bras suck!) * getting distracted catching up with so and so... You have only 30 min. right now!... so click to my FB private group, type in #30min. and get a yoga video in seconds. Boom! Done! Breath, Stretch, & add some Endorphins to your day to get you through the fun, crazy hustle & bustle! Fitness on YOUR terms! Try a week FREE! Message Me!

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