It's May! It's May the Lusty Month of May...

OK.. well not quite yet... but this IS the last blog of April. And if you can sing that song, you're my people! Name what show it's from in the comments! :)

Recital is May 19th at 10am in the Heritage Greens Park. Rain Date is Sunday May 20th at 1p. In 9 years of doing a recital, we've had a rain date once... so fingers crossed we can enjoy a lovely day outside!

ALSO... it's the last week to donate to our charity GRACE PLACE! If you haven't already please consider donating one of the following: zip lock bags, shampoo & conditioner, lotion, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, diapers, OTC pain medications, or paper towels. Thank you to all who have donated already.


April's Student of the month!

This little pipsqueak comes on Thursday evenings to take class with her friends and is a complete ball of energy and smiles! She just turned 5 this week... so it was a big week! Adalin was born as a premie, weighing in at only 4.5 pounds, but she didn't need any assistance... and it holds true still today! She's even mastered her cartwheel at 2yrs! She loves animals, and even plays with worms :) Miss Adalin is super sweet and kind to everyone. So when you see her around, give her a high five, but chances are she'll probably return it with a big hug.

Congrats Adalin!

Summer Classes & Camps

Please CLICK HERE for a list of classes & camps!


CLICK HERE to Register for Classes & Camps

Fall Registration will begin MAY 1st! Stay tuned...

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