Whew... Our First Full Week is Done!

I'm thinking there were some tired kiddos this past week. Am I right? The anticipation, excitement and adrenaline had to eventually come crashing down... and I was no different. By Friday afternoon, I was a hot mess. Sore, tired, and more sore. I left it all on the dance floor... and so did those kiddos. Listening, following directions, making new friends, and being brave riding the bus and navigating the lunch room and coming to dance class for the first time.

As the weeks go by, I know that we all will all adjust to the new schedule. But as a mama, if there is an afternoon, or evening where dance is "just too much," please take the night off. You can make up your dance time at ANY TIME during the year, even next spring! During the year, I keep track of students attendance. Since you paid for your time, please take advantage of making up your time. It's a great opportunity for extra practice, and in some cases, a fun way for your student to try another style of dance.

A Friendly Parking Reminder

Please park on my side of the street. Even if you are just "quickly letting your student out or in your car," other cars cannot get through safely when cars are pulled over on both sides of the street, and students are running to and fro.

8 Week Tap/Tumble Openings!

A great introduction to dance for ages 3-5yr. Tap dancing, musicality, imagination, and singing, followed with stretching and large motor skills get students exposed to the world of dance without a long term commitment for parents.

Thursdays 9:30-10:15am

Sept. 27- Nov. 15


Free TDH Tank Top

Tap Shoes can be borrow if needed.

When you register, you will be charged a $10 registration fee that will be applied towards your tuition. Payment for the class is due the first day of class. Click here to register for your spot!

As many of you know, I teach BoogieFit, a dance fitness class designed for mama's and other adults who grew up dancing, miss it, and want to get a great work out doing something they love.

What you may NOT know, is that this past January, I started the process of creating a curriculum that I have been sharing with other dance studios all over the country and world. It's super exciting. Perhaps you may know someone in your circle who is a dance teacher, or studio owner. I invite you to share my information with them.

OR maybe YOU want to learn a dance on your own from your home? Well, there is TDH Virtual Experience, a membership site that is updated with classes in ballet, tap, ballet & Boogie Fit. Access to all of this is $25/month! BUT WAIT! (I know... there's more)

What if you just want to learn A Boogiefit Dance with no membership or commitment. Interested? Click here to be part of my newest adventure.

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