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October starts tomorrow! You guys! How in the world did we fly through September already? And yet, here we are. Time marches on. The pumpkins and gourds are out on my porch... "My porch looks GOURD-geous" (thank you Heidi :) The air is crisp ~ filled with the excitement of football games and the smell of camp fires. It's a beautiful time of year... and it's my favorite. But just because those daylight hours get shorter, doesn't mean the days have to end quicker. Consider trying something new. Maybe a tap class, a yoga class, a even a couples dance class.. or something completely different outside of TDH. Trying something new keeps us young and keeps life exciting. So check out what TDH is offering here... we'd love to have you as part of the family!

But first a little house keeping:

1. No class October 31. Enjoy the fun evening

2. Please remember to park on my side of the street and be respectful of neighbors driveways.

3. September - October Charity is University of MN Masonic Children's Hospital. We are collecting craft/art supplies for the kiddos so they have something to do while they are waiting to get better.

And Now... Class Offerings!

Yoga for People of Wisdom :)

Fridays 6-6:50am

$15 drop in or $45/mo.

$50 punch card for 4 classes

Register Here!

or participate from your home ~

Yoga Online for $25/month

This class is designed for people who want to maintain or enhance their health by improving & strengthening their range of motion. This gentle class focuses on movement through yoga, pilates, and breath. I customize this class each week for whomever is in the room, offering modifications and assistance when needed. This allows you to have the best class experience possible, and gives your Friday! the exclamation point that it deserves!

Tap Class for Adults!

A Beginner Class only 6 weeks.

We will learn a dance to "Singing in the Rain"

November 7 - Dec. 19 Wednesdays. 6:45-7:30p

(no class November 21 for Thanksgiving Break)


Register Here!

But Melissa, that class time doesn't work for me! Yet Again... I can't take a tap class.

Hold the phone. (Literally)

Keep reading.

I got you.

I am so excited to announce that I will be launching an online course! Starting in January I will be teaching you the basics of tap that will build on each other ~ weekly ~ so by the end of the course you will have a full dance to show off at your next porch party! Whoop Whoop!

Want to be part of this epic class? Click here! Be the first to know the details!

PS. Can't wait until January? You can also be part of TDH Virtual Experience NOW! For a monthly membership of $25 you get tap, ballet, BoogieFit and yoga break out videos, how to videos and learn dances. Interested? Email me and I'll answer your questions. Or become a member by creating an account here!

And if you needed some more reasons to take a Tap class ~

Here are 10 great reasons!

(ps. This article was geared for children, but it applies to all of us!)


Tap Dance is one of the most unique dance forms, because we dance AND we create music, using tap shoes as percussion instruments! This means that Tap Dance not ONLY has the physical benefits of dance AND the developmental benefits of learning music!!


Because of the combined features of counting, music & movement, Tap Dance engages many parts of the brain and helps to improve its capacity for learning.


The musical training that exists in Tap class has been found to be related to higher IQ, standardized test scores and overall academic achievement.


“When children learn rhythm, they are learning ratios, fractions and proportions," said Professor Gordon Shaw from UC Irvine. Tap Dance can help your child learn math in an artistic way!


Percussion instruments (like Tap shoes!) help children develop coordination and gross motor skills; the combination of movement, sound and music is great for high-energy kids


The musicality practiced in Tap Dance is used greatly in other dance styles such as Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, and even the quick & rhythmic footwork of Petit Allegro in Ballet!


Tap Class requires listening skills to understand rhythm patterns. These rhythmic listening skills can positively impact the development of language and reasoning!


While many dance classes strive for visual uniformity, Tap classes have the added challenge of creating rhythmic harmony. Each child must know and understand their individual part in the larger ensemble!


Because of its unique complexity, learning Tap Dance refines Discipline & Patience. Children learn about delayed gratification as they develop their technique. It teaches about the power of practice, process and persistence


In Tap Class, students face and conquer the challenges of learning to expand both their musical abilities and Tap vocabulary. Also, Tap students take risks and discover their own voices through improvisation!


Because of the music theory taught in Tap class, students who study other musical instruments get to kinesthetically reinforce those skills in the dance studio!

And the Biggest Reason!? It's FUN!!!!

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