What Halloween Candy? I didn't eat ANY. None. Not even the Heath bars.

Oh my word! y'all. it's the end of October! How did that happen? It's of of the loooongest months of the year, and it FLEW!!!

It's gotta be my age.

As teacher friend of mine once told me, "Every year they're 5 years old... but I'm a year older. It' not fair."

But it's true. BUT the beauty in all of this, is that every year, I'm a year older and appreciate those little ones even more. The joy, the innocence, the humor, and those little pudgy hands and feet. OMG. For real, melt my heart.


But even if your hands are "pudgy" for other reasons, :) You still melt my heart.


Anyone who walks into a dance studio is SUPER BRAVE. You're stepping out on the dance floor & putting yourself out there. You're showin' up in a big way! You can't hide... you move, you stretch, you turn and leap. Y'all... most, people WON'T do that without a few cocktails in them.

So YES... You're super brave.

But y'know what's really magical? Is that through all that bravery, we grow. As a person, as a group, and as friends. And this y'all is why I LOVE the arts and how it brings people together like none other!

Octobers' Student of the Month!

Meet Mitchell!

Let me first just say, being a young man taking dance lessons takes lots of courage! And Mitchell comes each week ready to learn, and asks questions and tells me exactly what he needs. I love it.

Mitchell loves super heros and also loves traveling and flying. He enjoys tap because he gets to make music with his feet!

So, if you see Mitchell around town, give him a high five!

6 Week Adult Tap Class!

Short and Sweet!

We'll learn a little Holiday song for you to share at your next holiday gathering! Come join the fun for beginner tappers. Or those who'd like a nice review. :) I know I said adult, but if you have a student who would like to learn and would be comfortable learning with adults, please reach out. We all have a great time. Promise!

November 7- December 19 : 6:45-7:30p


(no class week of Thanksgiving)

So...Did you know that I teach classes online?

Maybe you've heard that you can do Yoga, Tap, Ballet, or even Boogiefit from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room. For real, if you got wifi, you got me!

You can learn, workout, get calm, or energized! It's fun, it's convenient and it's a great deal!

Here is what one member of TDH Virtual told me just this week -

"I think I tapped for over an hour today. Thanks for giving me something I really enjoy." - Arlene TDH Virtual Member


This is why I do it y'all! I LOVE teaching dance. And I LOVE that I am able to reach more people because of all this amazing technology. (even if I sometimes pull my hair out learning it all)

If you're interested, the best thing to do is head on over to my FREE Facebook Groups. Here you'll find classes, tutorials and samples of what TDH Virtual Experience is like. If you are liking the FB groups, you'll LOVE my members site! Click on a style and request to join!


TDH Ballet VIP


TDH Boogiefit VIP

Ready to jump in? Or are Interested in TDH Virtual? Watch the little slide show to see how easy it is.

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