Guess what I did this weekend?

Wow.... I seriously get a kick out of watching other people on stage shining their light. And I should really re-iterate, it's the people behind the scenes too. Knowing how hard it is to orchestrate people's schedules, and get volunteers to help, and deal with last minute drama like loosing a key person on the production staff... But we push through, because we have to. And it's always a super memorable experience. Kudos to the hundreds of people I saw today on stage and behind the scenes. So great, and so proud of my community.

If you wanna catch a show next weekend, I recommend Newsies at River Falls or Beauty and the Beast done by Hudson High school for the family.

Sister Act is great, but more for a pg 13 crowd. But super fun and done very well.

And Happy Thanksgiving y'all. The next time I'll write y'all, is after the big feast! Thankful for you all and how you make TDH so special.

Please note: There is NO class Wednesday - Sunday. November 21-25th. Enjoy!

Our Next Charity is to Bless a Senior

Gramma Jeanette has been part of TDH for years... she used to watch my youngest two when they were little so I could teach. Now she has grown as a dear friend, who I gather wisdom from at least once a month.

Gramma Jeanette has had extensive health issues over the years, so that she is unable to work. Thankfully, she is still able to live in her apartment on her own, but her health continues to be a challenge.

To fill her days at home, Gramma Jeanette has taken up knitting and crocheting. She's gotten pretty good. :) So I offered to "sell" her goodies. You will be seeing her hats and mittens, hung up around the studio for you to have for yourself or a gift. A donation is all that's asked, and TDH will match what ever is given. Thank's y'all.

Holiday Gift Ideas from TDH

I know it's early... but the next time I get to chat with you all, it'll be after Thanksgiving! So here are some ideas.

Gift Certificates for students, friends or partners.

Fortnite Hip Hop Class: Tuesdays, January 8-Feb. 12th. 6:30-7:15p. $80 for 6 weeks. Ages 7-10y.

January Tap & Tumble Sessions 8 Weeks.

Wednesday or Thursday mornings 9:30-10:15a

Ages 3-5yr.

Starting January 3, or 9


Private Lesson or Coaching

Bring your dance to the next level. For ages 7+ yr.

$50/45 min. or $60/hour. Friday or Saturday appointments only.

Couples Dance Lesson - $60

Learn the West Coast Swing to be a hit on the dance floor.

The Dancing House - Melissa Huber - 651-470-4847 -


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