It's Gettin' Real.

Not sure about you... but I woke up this morning and went. Meh. January. Ugh. SO so cold.

But as a teacher, this time of year is Golden Sunny! The schedule is un-interrupted and we can really work and set high goals to hit. These past couple weeks we started our recital dances and Miss Melissa will be ordering costumes this month. So much growth will happen in the next few months, and that's what gets me so excited!

**I need to tell you all that take class live with me, I am most impressed this year at everyones commitment to class. I know you have a lot to juggle, and I appreciate your dedication to keeping dance class a priority. Thank you!

Speaking of a lot happening, summer will be here and I know no one is thinking about that right now, but I am. I'm thinking of what camps I'll be offering. And let me tell you, I'm so excited to be offering more and teaming up with a special friend. Summer camps will be announced by March 1st. I tell you this now, so that #1. I'll be held accountable and #2. You can be on the look out because they FILL quickly.

I also want you to know that I will announce 2019-2020 season by April 1st. This is another date to note in your calendar, especially if you are a current student. You will be able to register for classes in April for the next season and lock in this years rates.

Teen - Adult Beginner Tap


Wednesdays 6:45-7:30pm.

January 23 - March 13th.

$100 - 8 weeks.

Whether you're learning from the very beginning, or it's been few years, we'll have a blast creating rhythm with our feet and creating a dance for you to show off just in time for spring break!

We're tappin' to Michael Buble. Why?

1. This song is super fun

2. His voice is like velvet

3. Let's face it... He's dreamy to look at.

Take a listen to the song we're dancing to!

Click here to register.

Or just hit reply and tell me you wanna join the fun.

How are those New Years Resolutions Goin'?

Meh? Or


Well, wherever you are at, I just want to share about TDH Virtual. Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to tap, but that tap class time that I just talked about doesn't work for you?

Or the thought of taking ballet has always been a dream, but now you're thinkin', 'Yea... maybe it should stay a dream."

No! Absolutely not! Nope!

Come take class with me online! Learn, experience and grow! You deserve it!

TDH Virtual is a unique platform because you can take class online with me AND it's interactive. Comment on the class you took, ask questions or comment with other members. It's truly a unique experience!

I'm so excited about it. And so are others! TDH Virtual doubled it's membership this past month. So join the "movement' and take a class with us!

Want a trial run? Join my FREE Facebook groups where I give tutorials, classes and other goodies. Yes... all FREE!



TDH Ballet VIP

TDH BoogieFit VIP

Have you tried TDH Virtual yet? Get two weeks inside the membership and learn even more!

Click the pic to play video!

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