It's May...a.k.a May-hem!

Happy Sunday! Today I'm reminded again how lucky and fortunate I am to be a teacher & business owner. This weekend I got to hang out with sister in law, and family for her big 40! birthday celebration. It was a blast to see the family and hang out with friends.

As I drove the two plus hours to get to and fro, I spend my time listening to books and podcasts on business and mindset. I love these road trips. The "Dancing Car University." As a business owner I try to apply what I learn ASAP. More on that later in the newsletter. But I get so energized to be better and do more. What books or podcasts are you listening to?

This afternoon I was hit upside the head with yet another reminder of how many years I've been teaching. I went to see "Flat Stanley" at The Phipps, and it was super cute! I currently have two students in the show and I was excited to see them. However, in this picture I was able to grab just a few of the students that have part of the TDH Family. (I'm missing a few others.) So great to see them all still involved in the arts and shining their lights bright!

But then there were the audience members. So many familiar faces. Current families and a few more past families. Seriously, it warms my heart. Especially when a little dancer of mine yells across the theater, "Miss Melissa Miss Melissa! I saw your dancin' van!"

Can you stand it? So cute. And I look forward to growing this amazing family bigger!

May's Student of the Month!

Miss Lilia Fredrickson.

Lilia comes into the studio with such joy and optimism every week! She's always eager to see what we're going to learn each day. This young lady has worked hard to catch up to the others in the class throughout the year, as she was brand new to TDH.

Now she's a confident leader in class as well as a caring friend to her classmates. I adore this girl.

Lilia is a kiddo that loves to create through all different mediums. She is constantly humming a tune while cooking, drawing, painting or playing play-doh with her siblings. Most days Lilia says she wants to grow up to be a yoga teacher and a doctor who lives in an apartment with her older sister!

If you see Miss Lilia, give her a high five, or a hug.

Summer Camps & Classes!

Princess Camp is exactly what it sounds like. Princess dances, princess crafts, special princess snacks, and a very special princess appearance! It seriously will be magical!

Make your kiddos summer memorable!

TDH Camps include shoe rental, camp tank top, & special keepsake.


Here are some other summer camps options at TDH!

Unicorns & Rainbows - July 17-21 : 9:30-11:30am : 3-5yr.

Unicorns & Rainbows - July 29-Aug. 2. : 9:30-11:30am : 3-5yr.

Rock 'n Roll - June 17-21 : 1-3pm : ages 6-8yr.

Mary Poppins - June 24-28 : 9:30-11:30am : ages 3-5yr.

Mary Poppins - July 29- Aug. 2 : 1-3pm: ages 6-8yr.

*Payment is not due until two weeks prior to camp

"Our daughter had a great experience through the Leap dance camp with Melissa. She looked forward to going each day and was excited to show us what she learned on the last day." - Krista B.

Speaking of Summer & Growing

Meet Miss Julia Olsem!

Born and raised in Baldwin, WI. Julia is currently taking her general courses at WITC in New Richmond, so she can attend the University of Mankato in the fall for a Business Major and Minor in Dance.

Julia began dancing at the age of three at a studio in her home town and later competed and participated in any dance class, workshop, and event she could be apart of as well as watching anything dance related.

As she grew older, teaching became apart of her life. Julia has been an assistant in high school at SCVDA, then just recently taught a few of her own classes at Red Cedar Dance Company in Menomonie. Dance has always been a piece of her and her passion for it continues to grow as new opportunities are presented.

Julia is so excited to be apart of The Dancing House and curious to see what these kiddos will teach her! I'm so excited to welcome Julia to the TDH staff. Julia will teach the Hip Hop level 1 sessions.

M & W : June 17-26 : 5:30-6:15p : ages 8-12yr. : $50 session I CLICK HERE to Register

M & W : July 8-17: 5:30-6:15p : ages 8-12yr. : $50 session II CLICK HERE to Register

Each session will learn a different dance. *Payment is not due until 2 weeks prior to the class.

It's a NEW Month!

Which means, we're dancing to a NEW Dance in BoogieFit!

This months dance is "Bang Bang" by Jessie J.

Take a Listen by Clicking HERE!

High Energy, Fun, and the best workout ever! Come join the party on Mondays at 6:30p!

Your body, heart and soul will thank you!

#HOWTO Dance

Every Friday I do a "#HowTo Video on The Dancing House Facebook page.

This week I answered the question,

"Can I sit and tap dance?"

And yes, I've been asked this question more then once.

In this video I break down how to do a 4c riff.

My allergies were kicking, so I was trying not to sneeze. So if anything, enjoy the 3 minute video for its sheer entertainment factor. And tap your feet a bit too!

Go ahead and click the image to try it out!

OR head on over to my home page, and grab 2 weeks of TDH Virtual FREE! More classes and tutorials and dances that you can learn, all on demand! CLICK HERE to start your online training!

Launch Team!

I'm looking for about 20-30 people who would like to be on the inside knowings of TDH. You do not have to be local! Email me directly for more info.

"An Enthusiastic & Encouraging Atmosphere for Students of all ages to Experience & Learn the Art of Dance - In Person or Online."

73 Tribute Ave.

Hudson WI, 54016


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