Whoop Whoop! 4 more weeks of Summer!

You guys! I can't believe I'm saying this... but I am happy there are still 4 more weeks to soak up this weather, and have my kiddos at home. Five kiddos home is intense, don't get me wrong, but now that baby number 5 is well, five, he is keeping up with his siblings and loving his freedom playing with the neighbor kiddos. Baby number 1 has a summer job as a nanny, so that has been another bonus... new freedom for her, and a bit more understanding how mom-ing is hard work at times. Summer camps have been awesome here at TDH too! I have been FILLED with amazing kiddos from our community who make me smile and laugh. One student actually leaned in to give me a kiss on the lips this past week! How sweet was that! And how lucky am I that I get hugs and kisses daily from my students. Add to that, my fabulous parents who refer TDH to all their friends so that my 10th season is gearing up to be the best one yet... I am one lucky gal!


A Customer Appreciation & Celebration Event. The first of many this year.

Come and see what makes TDH different!

8am - 9am Yoga - A gentle yoga class for adults. Beginner level. A perfect way to start your day. Bring your mat and coffee/water. I have a few extra mats to share.

9-11am let the celebration begin! Open House for TDH!

(and yes, there will be cake!)

Come see the studio, meet Miss Melissa, try on tap shoes that you can borrow for your class, and learn about TDH. Register for classes if you haven't already as well.

PLUS! Sample and Smell new products from my Rodan + Fields Business too! Drawings for product give aways!

We open this FRIDAY!

A super fun, family friendly show featuring scenes from Hollywood! Plus, yours truly is dancing & has choreographed a super fun number!

(For real... you should come. These legs may not kick much longer... ) A great group of talent will create a visual masterpiece on The Phipps stage!

Seriously... everyone who comes, enjoys this show!

August 17, 18, 24 & 25 @ 7:30p. August 19 & 26 @ 2p

Tickets on sale at The Phipps.

(Save a a few dollars & buy in person! or call 715-386-2305)

Don't wait.

We usually sell out!

(Especially the 2nd weekend)

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