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Miss Etta just started talking and I started my camera because she was saying is such a wise words. (She’s wise beyond her years.). She’s been dancing at TDH for about two years. And she has put in the work!

She asked me when she started, “Am I too late to get started and learn ballet?” I said, “Absolutely not. If you have the desire, you can learn!”

Her goal was to earn her pointé shoes. She worked with private lessons, extra ballet, classes at the barre, and utilizing our Dance On Demand platform. In less then two years, she has her pointé shoes and has learned not only the art of ballet, but a lot of life lessons along the way. Dance lessons are about appreciating and learning the art form and coincidentally learning a lot of life lessons and having fun along the way. 

Our Mission

The Dancing House (TDH) offers an enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere for students of all ages to learn and experience the art of dance, in person and online. 

Helping students of all ages and abilities develop into kind, confident and life-ready humans through the art of dance.

TDH Gems

"The Dancing House is amazing! Great instructors with a ton of talent, wonderful communications back to parents, and choreography that keeps dancers practicing at home after the classes! Highly recommend." -Alicia Benzer, Happy Parent

"The Highlight of Your Week" 

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"The dancing house is amazing if you want to spark a love for dance in your child. My daughter really enjoyed dancing and now since working with Miss Melissa she absolutely loves it. She looks forward to going to every class and it truly is the highlight of her week I highly recommend it."



Jenna Weiland - Happy Parent


"My daughter Gennevieve loves dance at the dancing house! She is taking Ballet I'm the 7-9 year old group and it is just so nice to see how happy it makes her to come home and see her dancing all over the place! Love The Dancing House!" - Angie LaRose, Happy Parent

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