Pretty Sure Your Question Might Be Here...

What if I have never taken dance classes before?

  • This is exactly what TDH specializes in - beginner students of all ages.  You'll be welcome here!

  • We also have upper level classes.  Just saying. 😉

  • If you want some one on one help, please check out our private lessons. CLICK HERE
  • If you are are teen or adult, we also have Dance on Demand where you can stream classes live and have access to a library of pre-recorded classes and step breakdowns. All in one place and at your figure tips. 

Can I try a class before I sign up to make sure I like it?

  • Absolutely!  Email to set up your free trial, or click on the class you'd like to try and create an account to set it up yourself!  

How large are your class sizes?

  • Class sizes are kept small, around 10 students, so students can receive personalized connection with their teacher. 

What is the dance, fitness or music education of your staff?

  • All of our staff has extensive dance, fitness or music training prior to being part of the TDH staff.  As a member of the TDH team, it is a high priority that the TDH staff is exposed to professional trainings and workshops to further their dance, fitness or musical education.
  • To learn about our staff, please visit the staff page.

Is there a dress code for students?

  • We do ask our ballet classes follow our dress code.  We have a different color leotard for each age group.  Pink ballet shoes, and white or pink tights. CLICK HERE to see dress code. 

  • For Hip Hop clean tennis shoes are needed & Tap students need black tap shoes which they can purchase here.  

  • For younger classes ages 5 and younger, we have shoes that students can borrow if you do not want to purchase.

What about a recital and costumes?

  • YES, we will have a recital in mid December and at the end of the season in May. Our recitals are special for the kiddos but low stress for the parents.  Fun, easy and less than 45 minutes long! We also will perform at nursing homes, community centers and community events as we can. 

  • Costumes will family friendly - no midriffs or bootie bopping here, and prices will be very reasonable for families.  You won't have to take out a second mortgage or open up a credit card to pay for them. 

  • 6 week session classes will be given a costume to borrow for the recital that will be returned afterwards
  • The same costumes will be used at both recitals (Dec & May)

  • Our recitals are at 2pm or 4pm on December 9th and May 18th

  • Tickets for the recital are $12 and available online. Everyone needs a ticket. All sales are final. Limited tickets are sold at the door.

Are there adult classes?

  • Do adults like to dance?  Yes!  We have LOTS of adult classes! 

  • We also have Dance on Demand.  A huge library of pre-recorded classes that you can access through your log in.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Do you have a competition team?

  • No, but we do have a performance company for our dancers who'd like to take their dancing to the next level. 

Do you offer other events than just dance?

Do you have Gift Certificates?