10 Tips When Considering a Birthday Party

Kiddos Birthdays are pretty special. At any age.  And it's a big milestone for mom and dad.  So let's take a bit of the stress out of it.  Choosing a birthday party venue that best fits your needs is the key to a successful event. 

Here are 10 items to consider when choosing your next birthday party venue written by The Planning Mom.

1. Cost of a Birthday Party Venuephoto-1578922864601-79dcc7cbcea9

From the beginning, set a budget for the party and work within that frame. 

The cost of a party location is the first thing to consider when choosing a birthday party venue. We all would love to have our birthday party at the most expensive, most extravagant place in town. However, that is not feasible for most of us. 

Next, when choosing a birthday party venue check into any hidden costs or fees. Be upfront when speaking with venue contacts and prioritize what you want. Venues may have deals when you book a certain day of the week or with a certain number of people. Check into the different options and find ways to cut costs. 

2. Number of Guests

Most venues have a cap or maximum number of people it can hold. You do not want a venue where everyone won’t fit or are crammed in tight. However, getting too big of a venue for the number of people attending can have a negative effect on a party as well. 

The number of guests may affect the cost of a party too  so that is something to consider when choosing a birthday party venue. 

Usually not everyone you invite to a birthday party will show up, but you will likely have to book a venue before you know your total guest count. 

2641A042-CBAF-4D7A-BE23-975005641D3A3. Proximity of Guests

Choosing a birthday party venue that is in close proximity to you and your guests will have a better turn out then if you pick a place that is a longer drive away. A party is typically more fun if more guests are able to show up. Choose a place that is easy to get to, has parking, and is convenient for your guests. 

4. Age of Guests

Your birthday party venue should easily accommodate the ages of your guests. If your guests are primarily young children then it should be a place that is gated or self contained, but also has things for them to do. 

If you have older grandparents or someone who is handicapped it should be a place that accommodates those guests’ needs. 

5. Food & Beverages

One of the largest expenses of a birthday party is the food and drink. One of the first decisions you need to make is if you want to bring in your own food and drink to a venue or if you want them to provide it. Some places do not allow you to bring your own food and drink while others will.

In addition, you could do a combination of both if you so choose. For instance, some places make you purchase the drinks, but let you bring in your own food. 

It is typically more cost effective to provide your own food and drink for a birthday party, but it also requires more time and effort. Not to mention hauling everything to and from the venue.

Furthermore, if you are going to bring your own, you must consider the following questions:

  • How will I keep food warm?
  • How will I keep food cool?
  • Where will I store beverages?
  • How will I keep beverages cool? 
  • What can I use to set up my food? Are there tables?
  • Are there outlets, extension cords, etc?
  • Is there access to a kitchen, sink, and/or water?

Once you have this decision made, then you can move forward with choosing a birthday party venue as each place is different with food and beverage. 

6. Party Venue Day and TimeIMG_5445

Next, when choosing a birthday party venue consider the time and day of your party. Certain venues are only open during the day or may close before you want your party to be done. Still other venues may only give you a certain amount of time. For example, they may have a time limit of 2 hours for a party. Then you have to decide if that will work or if you need another venue that allows more time. 

7. Party Activities

What would you like your guests to do at the party? Do you want to have organized activities or give people more freedom to hang out and do what they want? Consider if you want the venue to have activities for guests or if you want to bring in your own activities.

On the other hand, maybe your party is going to be talking, hanging out and mingling with guests and in that case no activities are needed. Then you can choose a birthday party venue that does not have activities or the activity space.

8. Party Venue Rules and Regulations

When choosing a birthday party venue be sure to check into their rules and regulations before making a decision. Check if you can decorate and what you can use or not use. For example, some venues prohibit the use of confetti or tape on the walls. So if you were planning on using specific items to decorate, check if they are allowed. Also, like stated above, check what is allowed to bring in and what you would have to purchase from the venue. 

photo-1486427944299-d1955d23e34d9. Busyness of a Venue

A specific venue may be a great place to take your own kids on a weekend or do as a family event, but maybe isn’t the best place to have a 25 person birthday party. Venues can get busy, especially on weekends so consider this when choosing a birthday party venue. 

10. Weather & Time of Year

Certain venues may be better at different times of the year. In addition, venues may only be available specific times of the year. Furthermore, if you plan to have an outdoor birthday party, weather could be a factor.

For example, if you are looking to have an outdoor swimming party in Wisconsin that wouldn’t work for a winter birthday. On the other hand, if you want to have an outdoor swim party in July or August that could work. However, you would need to have a back up plan if it is raining or storming. 

Your party venue should be a place where all our guests feel comfortable and will enjoy themselves. For instance, do not pick a skiing venue when skis are not provided and people do not have the proper skiing equipment.

Lastly, certain venues may offer better pricing for a specific time of year or the off season. 

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Birthday Party Venue

Birthday parties are major events and the party venue is the base of what makes the best birthday party memories. The next time you are choosing a birthday party venue consider these items above to make it the best birthday party ever.  

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