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Dance on Demand 🖥

Dance on Demand (1)

Discover the Joy of Dance

Life's a whirlwind, right? Juggling work, kids, and the chaos of daily life can leave us yearning for something that sets our minds, bodies, and souls on fire. Enter stage right: your weekly dance class! 💃🏻

We get it—adulting is a full-time gig, and finding time for yourself feels like a rare gem. You've probably been eyeing dance classes for ages, but the schedules never quite match up, the studios are inconveniently located, or the thought of being the center of a…

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"Cherishing Our Adult Dancers: The Heartbeat of TDH"

The Dancing House (2)

At The Dancing House in Hudson, WI, we wear our passion for dance on our sleeves. Our studio has always been a place where dance education finds its roots and flourishes, starting as early as two years old and growing right alongside our seasoned dancers. 


Now, don't get us wrong; we absolutely adore our beginners! 💃🕺 There's something truly magical about watching someone take those very first steps onto the dance floor, figuratively and literally. Whether you're with us for a mere six weeks …

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Classes Start This Week!😊💃



Classes start THIS week and this lady is just as happy as we are about it!!



  • Register for Fall 2023-24 Season...classes starts this week but it's not too late!
  • Try Your First Class FREE
  • Meet Our Instructors
  • Is your dancer wanting more?...Consider private lessons. They are a great way to improve technique and skillsets Book a Private Lesson
  • Have you checked out Prima yet??...Pr…

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5 Reasons Everyone Needs to Dance

We love dancing! 

In fact we believe it should be "The Highlight of your Week!"

  1. Dancing is a primary need.
    Dancing is natural. If you ask a child to dance, they often will move immediately to the music. It's one of the biggest reason we focus on teaching littles here at The Dancing House.   

  2. Dancing will increase your self-confidence.
    People often think that those with no rhythm should not and cannot dance. But that’s false! Anyone can learn to dance by taking classes regularly online o…

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The last weeks of summer😢

This week is the last week of summer classes at The Dancing House! 

A huge thank you to all of you who've participated.  We've had a stellar group of loyal dancers show up every week.  So much progress has been made.  Stay tuned for our announcement of attendance winners who'll receive PRIMA gift cards. 


RUN don't walk to register for fall classes!

Fall classes are filling fast! Secure your spot in your child's favorite classes today!!  


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How Do You Create Your Next Level?


Crazy success happens when no one is watching.

During the late nights and early mornings, at the gym or in the practice studio. 

It's done when you bite off more than you can chew and when you have a tough pill to swallow. 

It's done when you throw yourself out there and you fall completely on your face. 

Crazy success happens when you keep showing up, even when no one likes, watches or comments. 

It happens when you write another email, voice memo or text to a client inviting them to work …

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Put Me In Coach!


"I love how you explain it!  You tell us exactly what muscles we should be feeling and how to we need to engage them so we can dance even bigger!" 

"And that is why you work with a coach."

This little conversation happened just a couple weeks ago during a private lesson with two teenage kiddos who came into the The Dancing House to work on their jumps and turns.  Bonus? They came from another studio.  LOVE that.

Screen Shot 2023-04-28 at 6.38.53 PM

Group classes are essential in learning how to dance.  After all, spacial aware…

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#Don't Suck

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Here at The Dancing House we specialize in beginner students of all ages - starting at two years old all the way up to 72 and beyond!  Yes, we really have students that young and we love them all!  We make your weekly dance class "The highlight of your week!" 

Here at TDH, a Twin Cities area top rated dance studio, we don’t just teach hip hop, tap, ballet, jazz or lyrical.  We don't just have master classes, or a company line. Our studio encompasses so much more than that, because Dance is not …

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Dance on Demand 🖥

Dance on Demand (1)

Discover the Joy of Dance

Life's short. Do something that fuels your mind, body and soul.

Adulting is busy. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Our free time is even more valuable with our time being pulled in so many directions with work, kids, and the daily demands of life.

But you're wanting something to energize you. Something that fuels your Mind, Body and Soul.

It can exist.  In fact for some of you - you've started to realized how much you've miss it. 

Enter in (from stage right!) - your weekly dance class. 💃🏻…

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