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Discover the Joy of Dance

Life's short. Do something that fuels your mind, body and soul.

Adulting is busy.  Our free time is even more valuable with our time being pulled in so many directions with work, kids, and the daily demands of life.

But you're wanting something to energize you. Something that fuels your Mind, Body and Soul.

It can exist.  In fact for some of you - you've started to realized how much you've miss it. 

Enter in (from stage right!) - your weekly dance class. 💃🏻

Maybe you've wanted to check out a dance class for years, but the schedule of classes being offered doesn't quite line up with yours.  Or the location of the dance studio isn't ideal and parking is a headache.  Or maybe you're not overly confident about heading into a dance studio that's filled with mirrors and open space for everyone to watch you putting yourself out there. Or maybe you're looking for something that's different - fun and engaging that gives you a workout without feeling like a workout.

That's why Dance on Demand was created. 

After years of teaching dance to adult students - the number one request I heard when people learned that I had a dance studio was, "I wish I lived closer. I would LOVE to take a dance class with you." 

Well, now you can.  Dance with The Dancing House Community - On Demand and LIVE! 

Join the hundreds of people who've experienced the fun and convenient way of learning how to dance through Dance on Demand. 

"Melissa does a fantastic job of explaining the moves, and I love the flexibility of being able to practice yoga when it fits into my schedule." - Marsha S.
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Dance on Demand is perfect for the adult beginner who's never stepped foot in a dance studio, OR the person who grew up dancing and misses it.  Getting started can be daunting - but with Dance on Demand it doesn't have to be.  

You can choose from Tap, Ballet, Boogie Fit Dance Fitness, or mat Pilates - or grab all of them - and we'll show you how!

Dance on Demand has everything you need to succeed.  From short how to videos breaking down every step so that you can dance with confidence to full on dances you can learn and show off at your next porch party with your girlfriends! 😉

With Dance on Demand you can truly dance like nobody's watching and connect with other dancers from all over the world!  You also will receive new content monthly and weekly check ins. Have a question?  No problem, there's also on demand support through email.

Through Dance on Demand you'll gain more confidence in learning a new skill, increased flexibility, more stamina, longer endurance, and a stronger balance.  Experience the fun you've been missing in your life with ondemand videos through our library of classes and break down tutorials.  Join us live through zoom during any of our adult class times that are offered during our regular dance session schedule. 

Already a student of The Dancing House Community?  All our adult students receive FREE access to Dance on Demand as a bonus class session. 

"I am so thankful you offer Dance on Demand.  I'm able to go home and practiced what we learned in class and come back the next week with confidence.  If you didn't offer that, I'm not sure I would come back because I knew I wouldn't remember the steps." - Karen H.  

Dance on Demand is available Anywhere, Anytime & for Anyone!

Whether you enjoy a prerecorded class or join us online live, you'll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy dancing from anywhere & anytime!

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Relating is the best way to understand & get energized about making the change you really want. Within just a few months of membership, Arlene is tapping up a storm & loving every minute of it!

Listen to her inspiring story! Psst, & she's 70 years young!

So what's keeping you from trying Dance on Demand

Grab your girlfriend, your sister, your mom and take class together - all from the comfort of your home.  You'll learn, grow, have fun and create memories together! 

"Melissa, just wanted to let you know that I tried your yoga class from this morning and I LOVED IT! I've noticed that taking yoga from a dancer is more enjoyable to me. Looking forward to trying more of your classes." - Lindsey H.


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