What Happens When No One is Watching....


Crazy success happens when no one is watching.

During the late nights and early mornings, at the gym or in the practice studio. 

It's done when you bite off more than you can chew and you have a tough pill to swallow. 

It's done when you throw yourself out there and you fall completely on your face. 

Crazy success happens when you keep showing up, even when no one likes, watches or comments. 

It happens when you write another email, voice memo or text to a client inviting them to work together again, only to be ignored. 

Crazy success is when you decide not to give up today, or this hour or even this minute. 

It's when you decide that you are amazing, and that you have a valuable gift to share with the world. 

But here's the beautiful and ugly truth about crazy success:

VERY FEW people see the real work. 

They only see the highlight reel.  

And the the bigger the success - the more stuff they went through.

Whether it's physical, mental, financial, spiritual, or emotional.  They went through it, full on - and came out on the other side for everyone to see what could be done. 

There biggest challenges actually set them up for their biggest successes. 

And because they reached their crazy success - these people teach us, they inspire us and they empower us. 




On Monday night, May 23rd, we were at The Mall of America for the finalist auditions to be a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader.

A WOW evening filled with such excellence!

We all left thankful for the opportunity and knowing that she left it all out on the floor.  

Two days later I received a text from baby #1. 

"HOLY $hit I made the team!"

All those years of diligent work.  Practicing those turns, jumps, and tricks.  Studying, watching and absorbing from those she admired and taking lessons, and coaching sessions from her teachers and mentors.    

This girl appears to be the "the overnight success!"  - but we know better. 

She teaches, inspires and empowers us.  But more importantly reminds us - the crazy success is done behind the highlight reel. 


This mama is proud + thankful. 

So what are you doing behind the scenes? 

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With so much love, grit and determination. 

Miss Melissa


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