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“I think this is a good idea. But is it really…”

Those were the first thoughts I had when the idea for Healthy in the Valley came to me. I was in the shower- the best place for “brilliant ideas” according to my dad.  (Note to self: take more showers.)

It was the day after a coaching call with my business coach when a fellow business owner was getting input on her latest idea.  I was half listening.  I mean, she was a beef farmer and she was thinking about gathering other “farmers”  to collaborate on a recipe brochure that each would share to help each other build brand awareness. 

The next day, in my shower, I thought “but what could that look like for my industry?” Then I started thinking of the businesses that I resonate with and who I refer.  And then bam! It was right there.

After sharing it with a few close colleagues in the health and wellness arena it was clear that Healthy in the Valley had excitement and was needed. In January 2022, the first edition of Healthy in the Valley was produced and we are excited to launch our fourth edition just for our St. Croix Valley Community! 

The Mission for Healthy in the Valley is to Embrace, Enhance, and Empower the community with a FREE resource that provides local business options who aim to optimize one’s health and wellness goals, including mind, body and spirit. 

Grab your free copy of exclusive offers from the area's best - serving the community in mind, body and soul.



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