#Don't Suck

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Here at The Dancing House we specialize in beginner students of all ages - starting at two years old all the way up to 72 and beyond!  Yes, we really have students that young and we love them all!  We make your weekly dance class "The highlight of your week!" 

Here at TDH, a Twin Cities area top rated dance studio, we don’t just teach hip hop, tap, ballet, jazz or lyrical.  We don't just have master classes, or a company line. Our studio encompasses so much more than that, because Dance is not about executing steps, or choreography perfectly.

We teach our students of all ages to be kind to themselves and each other. Both physically and mentally. After all, our body is changing daily, and therefor there is something new for us to learn.  And because each day offers a unique experience, we are learning to be patient.  With our bodies, with our minds, our situation and with each other.  

Here at our studio, we tell our students that they are bold and brave. Walking into a dance studio, with mirrors or showing up to an online or virtual class through Dance on Demand takes guts. Students are being asked to move in ways that may not be normal or feel easy - and that takes bravery! Our dancers are able to carry this outside the dance studio doors into everyday real life situations with the confidence and poise - they learn from their dance classes.

Here at The Dancing House, in Hudson, WI - we tell our students, "Dancers are strong!" Dance looks beautiful and feels different on everybody. And it's beautiful because it's their very own expression of it. No one is the same.  So we encourage them to "Shine their Light!"

We constantly cheer each other on.

We lift each other up.

We laugh and are silly.

And sometimes we let are hair down and shed a tear or two.

Just like a family, because we are family. 

If you’re looking for a place to start your dance journey or get back into it, we’d love for you to come to our house.  You can schedule your first class free by clicking here or email karen@thedancinghouse.com and we'll get you started (or re-started) on your dancing house journey. 

And for those who are already part of the family... we'll see you in class. 

PS.  Painting by student Julia Meyer.  Making us all laugh at TDH because we keep it real!


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