Put Me In Coach!


"I love how you explain it!  You tell us exactly what muscles we should be feeling and how to we need to engage them so we can dance even bigger!" 

"And that is why you work with a coach."

This little conversation happened just a couple weeks ago during a private lesson with two teenage kiddos who came into the The Dancing House to work on their jumps and turns.  Bonus? They came from another studio.  LOVE that.

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Group classes are essential in learning how to dance.  After all, spacial awareness, creating choreography, and working as a group are big components of dance education.  However, when we can get one on one attention in our dance training, that's where the "sprinkles on the cupcake happen" as I say.


When a student is working one on one, the dance coach is able to focus just on you.  The dance coach is able to offer suggestions, ways to think differently and add a deeper level of encouragement that just can't happen as well in a group setting.  There’s nothing like one on one attention to details, posture, execution, timing, and overall performance. And those are just a few things that we talk about during your private lesson. 😉

There’s also a lot of emotional and psychological talking as well. So much of what we do comes from our mind. And when you're mentally and emotionally in check- you can set yourself up for success physically. 🤯 

And let's be real, when you're working one on one with a dance coach, you're working harder.  There's no time to zone out, phone it in or play it easy.  You're going to sweat more, squeeze harder and engage deeper. My eyes are on your every move making sure your technique is strong so you are dancing safe and strong and proud. 

So, whether you're a beginner student who's putting on tap shoes for the first time, or you've been dancing for years and want to take your dancing to the next level, hiring a dance coach for a private lesson is well worth the investment.  Within a few minutes of time, students will be able to get feedback that would normally take weeks or even months in a group setting.  

Whether you’re competing, doing a recital, or just want to learn for fun, there’s room for you here at The Dancing House.


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