How Do You Create Your Next Level?


Crazy success happens when no one is watching.

During the late nights and early mornings, at the gym or in the practice studio. 

It's done when you bite off more than you can chew and when you have a tough pill to swallow. 

It's done when you throw yourself out there and you fall completely on your face. 

Crazy success happens when you keep showing up, even when no one likes, watches or comments. 

It happens when you write another email, voice memo or text to a client inviting them to work together again, only to be ignored. 

Crazy success is when you decide not to give up today, or this hour or even this minute. 

It's when you decide that you are amazing, you are enough, you are totally worthy of it and that you have a valuable gift to share with the world. 

But here's the beautiful and ugly truth about crazy success:

VERY FEW people see the real work. 

They only see the highlight reel.  

And the the bigger the success - the more stuff they went through.

Whether it's physical, mental, financial, spiritual, or emotional.  They went through it, full on - and came out on the other side for everyone to see what could be done. 

There biggest challenges actually set them up for their biggest successes. 

And because they reached their crazy success - these people teach us, they inspire us and they empower us. 

A bit of tough love. 

You don't get to be a GREAT at anything working part time hours. 

This week marks the official END of spring activities for a lot of us in our community of Hudson.  I know in my own family alone we checked off dance auditions for the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders, State Track in La Crosse, Flag football, and soccer just this week. Then there were a lot of TDH students who went out and auditions of competition lines and companies in our community. I received some notifications of happy tears of acceptance from one of our TDH dancers!


"Tears of joy over here at the Pettis household this morning — Tenly made the decision to retire from gymnastics this spring and go all in on dance. This week she tried out for a local dance company and SHE MADE IT!"

Congrats Tenly Pettis, Jordyn Berning, Grace Wendell & Julia Meyer for making The Phipps Junior Dance Company.  Ladies, you will be so missed here at TDH, but will always hold a special place in our hearts! 

Coincidentally - all FOUR of these ladies were part of our summer pass session LAST summer.  They were known to take up to 10 classes a week!  They showed up when other students were on vacation, playing outside or "chilling out."  

They weren't motivated by anything but themselves and a sticker chart that proved that they showed up.  They grew big time in the course of nine weeks. Then these ladies continued their dance education during the "normal season," and were standouts in their classes. 

They continued growing in their skills, technique and confidence and it was clear they were ready to audition for bigger opportunities - all because they invested in themselves and took their training to a deeper level a year ago!

So what are you doing behind the scenes? Our summer passes are a great way to instill that discipline, dedication, love and passion. For ages 5 and older.   Unlimited classes in your age group for 9 weeks.  Only $247!

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Meet the Teacher (MB)

With the amazing Bre Poliak!   

Get back in the studio with this sassy contemporary jazz class! This class is geared towards beginner/intermediate adult dancers. Come for the dancing, stay for the community.  

June 15th @ 8-9pm 


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With so much love, grit and determination. 

Miss Melissa


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