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Hey there TDH Family!

Let me tell you a story about someone you might know – Peyton Manning. Ok. Maybe heard of? Yep, that superstar quarterback with a resume that makes every football fan respect. Now, you might wonder, what does Peyton Manning have to do with dance? Well, stick with me, and you'll see.

Peyton Manning, the legend himself, knew the secret to staying at the top of his game. Every off-season, guess where he headed? Back to basics. Yep, you heard that right. He'd return to his college assistant coach at the University of Tennessee to work on the fundamentals. Why? Because he understood that by mastering the foundations, he could keep improving his game. And the same principle applies to dance.

Just like Peyton, we believe in the power of fundamentals here at The Dancing House. We've seen it time and time again – when our dancers focus on the basics, their technique soars, their confidence skyrockets and the performance is captivating!

That's why we're thrilled to introduce our summer pass – the ultimate opportunity to dive deep into the essentials of dance. Whether you're 8 or 108 years old, our classes are tailored to meet you where you are. We're all about building skills and refining technique, setting you up for success on the dance floor – whether it's for a team, company, performance line or simply for the joy of dancing.

And guess what? Our summer pass isn't just for our regulars. Nope, it's open to everyone! We welcome dancers from all studios because we know the value of honing your craft, free from the pressures of learning and memorizing choreography and perfecting your performance.

Now, here's the deal – those who take advantage of this incredible opportunity will level up in ways they never imagined. We’ve seen it tim eand time again. After eight weeks, dancers are owning the stage with newfound confidence and strength: kicking higher, turning longer, stretching further, and nailing every move with precision and grace.

And that could be you!

Our summer pass is eight weeks long and has over 16 classes a week for dancers 8 and older. Our summer pass is $347 for the entire session or drop in classes are available at $20/class.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our summer pass today and let's dance our way to greatness together!


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