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WOW! This past week we had a record number of people jump into our Teen/Adult Tap class. The funny thing? We had ages 10-76 in the class! What made it so fun for me is that these students don’t care… they just wanted to tap. And boy, did we have a blast!

“That was the most fun tap class I have ever taken!” - Livia said, age 10yr.

Which brings me to this little ditty that I wrote a few years ago… It’s timeless and I love the reminder.

The Crazy Success Happens when Noone is Watching.

During the late nights and early mornings, at the gym or in the practice studio. 

It's done when you bite off more than you can chew and when you have a tough pill to swallow. 

It's done when you throw yourself out there and you fall completely on your face. 

Crazy success happens when you keep showing up, even when no one likes, watches or comments. 

It happens when you write another email, voice memo or text to a client inviting them to work together again, only to be ignored. 

Crazy success is when you decide not to give up today, or this hour or even this minute. 

It's when you decide that you are amazing, you are enough, you are totally worthy of it and that you have a valuable gift to share with the world. 

But here's the beautiful and ugly truth about crazy success:

VERY FEW people see the real work. 

They only see the highlight reel.  

And the the bigger the success - the more stuff they went through.

Whether it's physical, mental, financial, spiritual, or emotional.  They went through it, full on - and came out on the other side for everyone to see what could be done. 

Their biggest challenges actually set them up for their biggest successes. 

And because they reached their crazy success - these people teach us, they inspire us and they empower us. 

We have a number of ways you can uplevel your dance training at The Dancing House.

1. Drop in! Try a class for FREE (limited to first time participants)

  1. Take a one time class. With our summer session in full swing we have lots of classes to choose from. We also have our Masterclass series featuring amazing guest teachers from the Twin Cities area.

  2. Enroll in one style of class. This is perfect for the person who just wants to take one style of dance at the same time each week.

  3. Grab your summer pass for a discounted rate for the rest of summer. $198 will take care of you for the rest of our summer pass. 

  4. Our team also teaches private lessons. If you’d like some one on one attention, please email and we’ll take care of you personally.


Sophi Masterclass June 20


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