Providing an INvigorating Experience for Our Dancers

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Our upper level dancers recently had the privilege of participating in a distinctive event held in the Twin Cities.


The Innovate Dance Event stands out as a unique dance experience, designed to make participants feel INspired, INvigorated, INvolved, and INcluded. This event encompasses master classes, performance opportunities, adjudication feedback, insights from industry speakers, and engagement in service projects. It provided our dancers with exposure to various choreographers, an opportunity to learn different dance styles and teaching methods, and the chance to connect with fellow dance students within the Twin Cities metro dance community, fostering a sense of unity as a cohesive team.

The Innovate Dance Event holds a special place in my heart. Conceived nine years ago by my friends and colleagues, Jennifer Tell of The Dancing Factory and Clair Anderson, who was also part of The Dancing Factory staff, this innovative experience was a groundbreaking initiative. When they approached me with the idea of bringing dancers together for a non-competitive celebration of dance, I immediately recognized its brilliance.

Since its inception in 2015, The Dancing House has played a behind-the-scenes role in supporting this event. Witnessing the evolution of this concept over the past nine years has been truly inspiring.

Now, in its ninth year, Melissa Rose of The Dancing House is collaborating with Innovate Dance Event to lead InnovatePRO, alongside Stephanie Campbell of PRIMA. This segment of the event is tailored for studio owners, dance educators, and our dance community to showcase their offerings. Recognizing the need for accessible, in-person education for dance educators and studio owners, InnovatePRO aims to provide local and economically viable opportunities.


Featuring speakers from across the Twin Cities, InnovatePRO offers expertise on a range of topics,including classroom management, marketing, hip-hop, and curriculum development. Our vendors represent businesses specializing in everything from costuming and photography to dance companies, to university dance programs and dance teams.


We are enthusiastic about the growth and development of this program, envisioning it as the premier event for dance studios, educators, and all enthusiasts of the art of dance in the Twin Cities.




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