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🎆God Bless the USA🎆

  • Summer session is in full swing...Click here to view our summer class schedule. Click here to view our summer camp schedule.
  • Summer events at The Dancing House...Hip Hop, Heels Up, Swing, and virtual open house all coming up!
  • Ready for here to view our fall season
  • Interested in sponsoring one of our events...see what we can do for you
  • Have a local business and want to sell your craft...we have place for you in our boutique
  • Food Truck DO NOT want to miss this!…

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💗Addie's Story💗


As a dance educator for over 25 years, I have seen first hand how the arts are essential for children's development. 

In a previous blog I shared 5 Benefits of Dance for children. 

But today I want to share a personal testimony.

This is about a student that came to me at 2yrs. old.  When Addie started dance, she didn't speak. To see her growth over the couple years has been beautiful.

Watch Addie's Story Here.

  This is why the arts are ESSENTIAL.  Here is a copy of …

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😎Summer is Here!!⛱

From all of the staff at The Dancing House, we'd like to extend a HUGE Thank you to each and every one of you who took part in our spring recital! It was such a beautiful day to celebrate our beautiful dancers! 

staff recital photo

  • Summer session is right around the corner...Click here to view our summer class schedule. Click here to view our summer camp schedule.
  • Summer events at The Dancing House...Hip Hop, Heels Up, Swing, and virtual open house all coming up!
  • Interested in being a part of our…

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💃🏻End of the Season😢

virtual Open House

We are quickly approaching the end of our season at The Dancing House, keep reading for all of the information you'll need to make it to the finish line!!

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Why I don't Pay 💵 for Dance Lessons


Why I Never Pay for Dance Classes.

As a dancer myself, a mama of a dancer, and teacher of many little dancers, this article always brings a tear to my eye. 

The art and discipline of dance has taught me so much of life.  It's beauty, it's hardships, it's growth, it's process and it's persistence.  Staying the course when it gets hard or feels impossible only to one day finally get it as if it was no sweat or tears in the making. 

Many of my life long friends are all part of the dance communit…

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5️⃣ Benefits of Dance for Kiddos 💃🏻


Spring is HERE!!!

And it's a busy time of year at The Dancing House!

Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of signing your child up for dance?? Here are just a few...

  • Physical Fitness & Coordination
    • Signing Your Child up for a Dance Class Is Signing Them up for an Opportunity to Exercise Their Whole Body–Arms, Legs, Lungs, Heart and Mind.
  • Social Awareness and Collaboration 
    • Dance is neither a team nor individual sport—in some ways, it’s both. A dance class provides you…

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🔟Tips When Considering a Birthday Party


Kiddos Birthdays are pretty special. At any age.  And it's a big milestone for mom and dad too.  It can also be a bit emotional.  So let's take a bit of the stress out of it.  Choosing a birthday party venue that best fits your needs is the key to a successful event. 

Here are 10 items to consider when choosing your next birthday party venue written by The Planning Mom.

1. Cost of a Birthday Party Venuephoto-1578922864601-79dcc7cbcea9

From the beginning, set a budget for the party and work within that frame. 

The cost of a…

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What's happening at The Dancing House...

The Dancing Hosue logo

Spring is well on it's way!

And there's a lot going on at The Dancing House! 

We're enjoying our Spring Break March 14-20th and hope you are too! If you're in a fun location please take a picture of you dancing and tag The Dancing House on social #2021springbreak and we'll shout you out! 

Please read the latest while lounging by the pool, on the beach or hanging out with your friends and family! 

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