Healthy in the Valley

The Area's Best Wellness Providers & Resources in the St. Croix Valley All in One Place!

Are you a family that is health and wellness minded - in all areas?  Mind, body AND soul? 

I'm most confident you are, because that's who The Dancing House attracts.  

And that's why I'm super excited about the latest opportunity to serve you and the greater community. 

Healthy in the Valley - An Exclusive Group of Business Owners Who Empower their Community through Health and Wellness in Mind, Body and …

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Spring is here...or is it???🤔


Dear Mother Nature, 

You said it's spring but actions speak louder than words!! Could you please prove it?!?


All Midwesterners Everywhere...

Wondering what's going on at The Dancing House...??

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10 Tips When Considering a Birthday Party

Kiddos Birthdays are pretty special. At any age.  And it's a big milestone for mom and dad.  So let's take a bit of the stress out of it.  Choosing a birthday party venue that best fits your needs is the key to a successful event. 

Here are 10 items to consider when choosing your next birthday party venue written by The Planning Mom.

1. Cost of a Birthday Party Venuephoto-1578922864601-79dcc7cbcea9

From the beginning, set a budget for the party and work within that frame. 

The cost of a party location is the first thing to…

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March Mindset


March...this is about the time of year I'm ready to throw in the towel and move to...well, anywhere but here!!! But every year we get through it! So, hang in there, the warmth is coming!!

And to prove it, we are announcing our Summer Class and Camp Schedule in this blog! So read it and register early!

Wondering what's going on at The Dancing House...??

  • SUMMER IS COMING...Register for our famous Summer Pass!! And check out the summer camps for ages 3-5yrs
  • Did you get your copy …

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5 Reasons Everyone Needs to Dance


Congrats to Kelsey John! 

A huge thank you to our recital sponsors: Autumn Enloe, Leadership Martial Arts, Croixview Family Chiropractic & Healthy in the Valley. 

We love dancing! 

In fact we believe it should be "The Highlight of your Week!"

Our next session starts February 21st and if you didn't already love to dance, or want to dance, or need to dance, here are 5 reasons why everyone should crank up the music!  

Watch this short video where I share 5 reasons Dancing is so awesome!


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February Feels


And just like that...January is OVER!!

Our next recital is right around the corner and we can't wait to see what our dancers have in store for us this session! If your child is participating in the recital on February 12th, you should've received a handout during last weeks classes with your dancers show time and costume information. Families were also sent an email with the same information. If you have questions PLEASE reach out and ask or call/text 534-544-3030. …

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